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  • May29th

    Dumbling chef_Chengdu_by Sandra Herd

    Here we are finally in China, Chengdu to be precise.  After the last minute rush to pack up the house and pack up our lives we’re finally here in a cosy hostel, drinking beer for 72 cents a bottle and finding our ‘travel feet’ in a slow but steady fashion.  There has certainly been some culture shock…not so much because we’re in China but more because we’re not used to lugging our luggage around.  I’d forgotten what it was like and it came flooding back pretty quickly as we stuffed our bags into the back of the taxi from the airport and spilled out in a dishevelled mess on our midnight arrival at the hostel.

    That was over a week ago and already it feels like we’ve been away for weeks. We’ve been out to Jiuzhaigou (an eight hour bus trip North of Chengdu) and Huanglong and stayed a night in Songpan before coming back here to the hostel where we started from. We’ve taken a bicycle tour through the manic streets of Chengdu and sampled the steamed dumplings  made by the man in the image above.  Our legs hurt, our backs ache and my camera trigger finger is worn out but we are loving every minute of it…and it’s only just begun.

  • May13th

    Ok, so yes, I have been away from the blog for a while but that is all about to change.  Next week we head off to China and I’ll be updating the trip as we go on the blog and in the Self Indulged magazine….the more images I see of China the more I fall in love with the place and the next issue of Self Indulged will be a China special so that I can share some of these places with you. In a few days I’ll post some more about our plans but for now I am suffering a China Crisis. I’m finishing up last minute jobs for clients, packing up the entire house for the people who are moving in next week (YIKES!!!) and tomorrow I have the last DSLR workshop at the zoo for a while which I’m actually really looking forward to…it will signify “the end” of work. Then I have to sort out travel insurance/jabs (YIKES-again!) and all the other stuff that goes along with extended travel. I’m also very happy to announce we have some fantastic sponsors on board for the trip and Self Indulged so will be looking forward to adding their logos to the site in the very near future.  Onwards and upwards!!

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