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  • February28th


    I.Scales of South Australia who guessed correctly that Dave was at Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. The fantastic Bumblebee Ultra-Light backpack from Kata Bags is on it’s way to the lucky winner as we speak. A huge thanks goes out to Kata for supplying the prize – you can check out more of their products here, there’ll be another chance to win one of these great backpacks in the next Issue of Self Indulged which will be out on the 1st of April, yes it’s a month later but it’ll be worth the wait, I promise! Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting our planned route through China, we leave on the 20th of May and will be taking Self Indulged with us. Lets hope there’s somewhere out there to ‘upload!’

    If you want something to read in the meantime check out my guest post at Got Saga, ‘5 places I would take a visitor to my home town of Perth’. One of the 5 just had to be Rotto….check out my other four picks HERE.

  • February7th


    There are some exciting things going on at the moment and this is just one of them. I’ve been asked along as a guest speaker at the very first ‘Photography in the Valley’ workshop in March, organised by Gitte Eyres and Karen Castle.

    I’ll be joined by another guest speaker, Karin Calvert who is an editorial photographer for The Sunday Times with a wealth of experience and an awesome portfolio.  This is going to be a fantastic weekend workshop held at the picturesque Chittering Valley Retreat for beginners and lovers of photography.  The aim is to inspire, inform and motivate in a laid back setting and to develop your passion for photography further.

    Click HERE for more information, numbers are limited so book early!

  • February1st

    Seamans Hut_Sandra Herd1

    It’s been a while between posts and, even though I haven’t put in an appearance here, I have been busy working on a million projects…honest!

    After spending a fantastic Australia Day aboard the True North I was keen to try out some of the sharpening techniques that Nick Rains discussed and, with all of the storms that are flying around Australia at the moment, I thought this image was fitting. (Pleased with the result on the hi-res file…it’s hard to see the effects with this squished up jpeg!)

    It was taken last year on our hike up Mt Kosciusko, the very top of Australia. There was a storm rolling in, we were kitted out in our warm waterproof jackets and hiking boots and I grabbed this shot on the way up. On the way back down we could barely even see the hut, never mind photograph it so, like many others before us we took refuge inside Seaman’s Hut until the worst of it had passed over.  We sat inside munching beef jerky and yearning for a hot cuppa. There’s a visitors book inside full of messages from other hikers who have made the trek from Charlottes Pass, some caught in snow storms, some spending the night so that they can be at the peak for the first dawn of a new year and some just looking to take a 5 minute break from the 18km round-trip.

    It was built in 1928 as a sanctuary for travellers after Laurie Seaman and Evan Hayes died on the mountain in 1928. They were skiing on the mountain and were caught in a blizzard and probably didn’t stand a chance. The hut was built by Seaman’s family as a shelter to help prevent further deaths on the mountain.  Although we were in no danger that day it was still a very welcome sanctuary for our weary, wet bodies!

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