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AUSTRALIA “Gold Fever!”  p.24 Issue 1 – KALGOORLIE

AUSTRALIA “Sights of Sydney”  p.56 Issue 1 – SYDNEY

AUSTRALIA “Magic or Tragic?”  p.32  Issue 2 – GOLD COAST

AUSTRALIA “The Build Up”  p.46  Issue 3 – DARWIN

CHINA “The Road to Disappointment”  p.8  Issue 4 – MT. EMEI

CHINA “Pheonix Town”  p.24  Issue 4 – FENG HUANG

CHINA “Mount Tianmenshen”  p.42  Issue 4 -  ZHANGJIAJIE

DENMARK “Inspired by Copenhagen”  p.62 Issue 5 – COPENHAGEN

GREECE “Shades of Santorini”  p.45  Issue 2 – SANTORINI

INDONESIA “Bali Hais…and Lows”  p.24 Issue 3 – BALI

MONGOLIA “Mongolian Mayhem”  p.20 Issue 5 – EASTERN MONGOLIA

NEPAL “Searching for Sagarmatha”  p.6 Issue 2 – EVEREST REGION

NORWAY “Home of The Bolt”  p.8 Issue 5 – LYSEFJORD

SWEDEN “Why Not Just Wing It?”  p.72 Issue 5 – ARLANDA

THAILAND “Ayutthaya The Ancient Kingdom”  p.40 Issue 1 – AYUTTHAYA

USA “Cruise Ship Diary”  p.8  Issue 3 – ALASKA


Top Tips for Shooting from Behind Glass  p.70 Issue 1

I LOVE Aerials  p.62 Issue 2

Top Tips for Travel Portraits  Issue 5


“We’re Photographers Not Criminals”  p.10 Issue 1

“Caching In”  p.20 Issue 1

“Hostel vs Hotel” p.36 Issue 4


NEPAL p.28  Issue 2

GREECE p.58  Issue 2


WAngle Been Wangled!

Got Saga “Perth’s Top & Hidden Gems, As recommended by a Local”