Self Indulged Online Travel Magazine

Definition: {Self indulged: self-indulgent. adj. tending to indulge one’s own desires, etc. self-indulgence n.self-indulgently. To have no restraints towards one’s own desires.}

Self Indulged Magazine is an international travel magazine with a focus on photography, outdoor adventures and unusual places. Our mission is to inspire readers to indulge in their own photographic & travel desires, “Taking only photos…and leaving only footprints.”

Self Indulged is a unique online publication in that its entire content is written, photographed and designed by Australian photographer, Sandra Herd.  Through quality articles and stunning photography, Sandra’s travel tales come alive within the pages of Self Indulged for the world to share. Her lens has captured images and stories from around the world…from Outer Mongolia to The Grand Canyon to the North Cape of Norway and beyond.

Subscribe HERE for free and follow along on the journey.  The magazine is produced quarterly - this year, 2012, the magazine will be written and produced ‘from the road’ as Sandra & Dave travel the world in search of their next feature article. You’re invited to check out the BLOG for intermittent ramblings and dispatches from  ‘the road’.