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Amsterdam – 1 Dave – 0

I feel like I am currently trapped in an episode of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. We’ve pitched up camp at Camp Zeeburg, about 20 minutes out of Amsterdam city centre. As I write this the car next to me has run into the front concrete barrier of the car park, the two guys in the RV opposite me have taken 14 minutes to put out 2 camp chairs and a camping table and on the way to the shower block I had to dodge bodies, laying ‘peacefully’ on the grass soaking up the sunshine. There’s something in the air here….

I felt kind of strange taking this photo….the ‘cafes’ are dark day and night and are full of people who are either stoned, in the process of getting stoned or asleep…this shot is a little bit ‘soft’, handheld…. I didn’t want to use the flash and start ‘freaking people out man!’ but did want to capture the wide range of pot that is available to the cannabis connoisseur. This particular selection includes, Neville’s Haze, Cheese (sounds tempting) and Amnesia Haze.  I chose the Carlsberg…pint of!

The kebab shops in Amsterdam do a roaring trade.

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  • Comment by True North mark — September 14, 2011 @ 7:35 pm

    Cool story Sandy and I love the comparison to Bill and Teds adventures…very clever!

    I can’t believe the Amsterdam Government still hasn’t woken up to the long term effects of Pot.

    I have a heap of mates who are basically stuffed through over use of Pot…Paranoid Skitso….totally addiction to the stuff and totally unmotivated to do anything!

    No one will ever convince me that it is harmless!

  • Comment by Sandy@Shots — September 14, 2011 @ 7:46 pm

    Hey Mark….Jeez you’re quick off the mark. Yep-I hear you. I’m not a fan myself and walking around the seedy side of Amsterdam reminds me why. Have to say I did love the city though for photos, the buildings along the canals are at all angles, bent walls, tilted door frames, wonky windows….and I didn’t even smoke anything!

  • Comment by Peta North — September 14, 2011 @ 10:00 pm

    very cool….Amsterdam is a great place and good for contemporary photography.

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