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Norway Sandra Herd

The has car died.

Last night we should have been watching the Northern Lights through the dome of a glass igloo at the wonderfully picturesque Hotel Kakslauttanen. Right now we should be on a date with a reindeer, sliding through the snow on an open sleigh…on my way to Santa’s resort with a good meal and log fire awaiting my return. Instead, we are stranded in a hotel in the dark days at Lakselv, Norway.

Where, you ask? Exactly.

I’ve been wanting to get to these glass igloos for months. We re-scheduled because of our emergency rush home to Oz and had the dates locked in for this weekend. We were driving to Finland from Honningsvag down the E6 when we lost power to the wheels. Engine still running – car going nowhere. Thankfully we were only about 40kms north of Lakselv. We called the emergency breakdown service (who have been fantastic) 5 hours, two episodes of Stargate (on the laptop) and one tuna and sweet corn sandwich later, we were picked up by the tow-truck and our injured team member was towed to a cold and lonely carpark to await a diagnosis. It will be a long wait… the repair shop is closed over the weekend.

And so we are stuck…not in the middle of nowhere but close to it. Yes, we’re lucky the car didn’t conk out on the mountain pass a few days ago (pictured above) where the outside temperature was -16o and yes, we’re happy to be safe and well but we’re so, so sad to be missing out, once again, on the great plans we had at Hotel Kakslauttanen.

Dear Santa,

Please arrange for our car to be OK…or send us a new Jeep!


Sandy x

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  • Comment by Peta North — December 5, 2011 @ 11:36 am

    Well I hope Santa is good to you both….Awesome photo, looks like a fantastic place…Hope you get to go to the Hotel as I think that would be such a buzz.

  • Comment by Sandy@Shots — December 6, 2011 @ 2:46 am

    Thanks Peta…we’re getting a part flown in from Oslo so should be back on the road soon. The snow makes everything look beautiful.

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