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  • November8th


    After meeting everyone at Mark’s pizza night I feel obliged to put in the effort to maintain the blog instead of just ‘stalking’ so here goes…

    Thanks again to Mark and Chrisitan (and Mike) for arranging Friday night, it’s great to meet so many positive photographers and enthusiasts and is a refreshing change from the ‘closed shop’ and ‘Perth is only a small town so I don’t want you stealing my jobs’ attitude that I have come across in the the past.

    I suppose now I’m also gonna have to put some pics up (this is why I struggle with the commitment hee hee) I will get to that soon. My website is here in the meantime¬†for those who are ¬†interested. I will update my profile page shortly and add some pics.

    Hope to see you all on Rotto…cheers,

    Sandy x

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